Monthly Archives: March 2012

few hours off until next shift

And I have this weird idea that I will make it up for a swim before work tomorrow…
Kamilla inspired me, just hope I feel as challenged in the morning


hope you all are hungover

I’m going to spend this Saturday in a live suite 🙂 football the whole day!
Had a great sleep in this morning and then some pizza and coke for breakfast while talking to the bestest girl in London…
And yeah, my whole outfit cost less than ÂŁ15, gotta love thrift stores.

before i go to sleep, i want to let you know how happy you make me

all of you
thank you for stopping by from all over the world
i am so amazed
hope you are all good

fed and tired

gorgeous pizza night with cold beer and movies
glad i did not go out tonight
i am so ready to go to bed
football the whole weekend, going to bring home made pizza for lunch to work tomorrow.
tomorrow night i have editing on the schedule…

good night chickens

tasty Friday starts now

This sexy piece of pizza is in the oven, chilled Stella is poured in a glass..
I think this is the beginning of a great Friday night

a cold coke in the sun

Late lunch today, gonna half sleep in the sun for a while now


this made me laugh to tears yesterday
david Thorne as his best
absolutely brilliant