toddlers and toddler talk

Stenmarks on the slide

Met up with my beautiful Veronika yesterday and cuddled with her belly, Alexandra helped me wrap the gift for the baby… spent hours talking and laughing, funny how some people will always be such an important part of your life even though you spend your life in different art of the world.
I have pictures of the magnificent belly on my blackberry, i will post it when I get home to London.

Had a wrestling morning with the toddlers and now I’m gonna get ready to meet up with my protege…


2 responses to “toddlers and toddler talk

  1. Ja, känns som att det knappt gått nån tid sen jag såg dig senast fast det var över ett år sen… 🙂 Blir glad av dig!!! Nästa gång får du träffa den lille utanför magen också! Puss & Kram

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