i suppose it is kind of a compliment but 18?

First I got offered to buy a youth ticket on the bus to the airport (26)
Then I got carded when I purchased things where the age limit is 18 (no, not ciggies , no worries)
I felt like Benjamin Button who just got younger and younger, maybe it is the fact that I’ve spent 10 days with toddlers.

On the airplane the greyed, fat and way to obnoxious lady infront of me had to complain half the flight that someone (that would be me) was allergic to peanuts and because of that they did not serve any. Sure I get the point that she was a bit upset, we all got that point the first 2 minutes…. The next 40 was just kind of redundant. The guy next to her, whom she aimed her “omg, no peanuts??!!??!!”- rant at, looked as he secretly hoped he too had the allergy and a bag of peanuts to quickly inhale, to end the pain.
Me, I felt like I made a huge impact on her life.

The middle aged, badly dressed men with i Pads thought that “all electronic devices need to be turned off during take off and landing” did not mean their device… Seriously, they needed to be told both take off and landing.

I’m on the bus from Stansted now, even though the flight is about 2 hours the whole days is kind of dedicated to travel…

I turned the roaming on now and I had about a billion new mails… Going to be a fun day at work tomorrow.
Can’t wait for the breakfast


3 responses to “i suppose it is kind of a compliment but 18?

  1. Ohh for fuck, there are to many ass holes out there. And for some reason they all seem to have chosen the same flight as you. Well I do not think that Ryanair serves peanuts anyway, she must have confused them with british airways.

    Well how can any rules apply to middle aged men, they are above all that. 🙂

    Glad you are home safe!

  2. Helt rätt när det gäller män och deras ipads! Åkte ifrån Sverige en vecka sedan och det var samma sak där, de fick gå omkring och säga till varenda en eftersom ingen behagade sig att stänga av. Både dit och tillbaka. Jag kommer ihåg när jag var liten och inte vågade ha på min freestyle under landning och take off! haha

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