Monthly Archives: April 2012

the 14 hours and counting at work – face

Definitely a little bit tired.
Drinking tea now and enjoying the quietness in the office while editing some.
I have the fridge full of food at home, gonna follow my weekend habit and eat it in the bed, maybe I can squeeze an episode of Dexter into my night plan?


gettong ready for some live telly

Love doing Betnér Direkt since that is such a good show, I’m a big fan of Magnus.
Going into the live studio soon.

just like an ordinary person

I spent my lunch in the bank…

sun is shining – lets do this

Gonna be at work until midnight – great thing the coffee machine has been taken away.
Hey, at least it doesn’t rain….

trying to get pretty

Apparently I am that kind of woman that spends Sunday afternoon in a fucking face mask – let’s see if this works.

convincing myself to do something useful today

Spent the whole day in bed watching Dexter while eating like a pig yesterday.
Started with McDonald’s continued with a big bowl of Mac n cheese and the last 2 episodes if season 1 I was accompanied by a big plate of bacon.
One could say that I had a very fulfilling Saturday.
I promised myself that I am going to do something useful today, so some catching up on dishes, vacuuming and grocery shopping is on the agenda today.
Basically because the goal is to go to bed early, with shitloads of home made mexican food (enough so I can bring to work tomorrow) and start season 2 of Dexter in a fresh, clean house…

quote: “you can out text and post me under the table. I can’t possibly keep up with you in this arena. You’re still the Best!”

my dear friend John kept tweeting #FF’s today, A SATURDAY?!?!
unacceptable, what’s next Christmas presents in the summer? Easter in July?