Monthly Archives: April 2012

one of the benefits living so close to McDonald’s

Is that it takes me just a few minutes to fulfill my tweets.

So here I am in bed with a quarter pound meal and Dexter.

the fact that it is raining outside makes everything so much better


did some 3D after the dinner

Wine, women and movies

and i am little bit in love with the Hulk

steak and wine

Red red wine

i need to go shoe shopping – seriously – THE coolest show EVER

i need to get these
how do i get these?
can someone get these for me?

treating myself with bacon and movies

I am so proud of myself for waking up early this morning to go for a swim before work, especially since i was out misbehaving a bit yesterday… nah, it wasn’t too bad, a few drinks was all we had.

me yesterday at Koko
Delilah was really good and it was great meeting up with Mia

Today I’ve been stuck infront of a computer the whole day and had a bit if a brain fry in the end of the day, i decided to walk home to clear my brain some.
Gonna fry up shit loads of bacon (who would have guessed) and go to bed with tinker tailor soldier spy
heard it is really good.

the shelf in “my office”

You know how I have this weird habit of leaving my empty cups and glasses in book shelves?
This is getting ridiculous…
I suppose I’ve spent some time in this room this week.
Glued to the computer I am working my ass off, highly caffeinated while dreaming about Sheldon Cooper

it is Wednesday so i have to blog a picture of

The breakfast
Swam for 40 minutes this morning and I am starving.