I dont know how it happened

… maybe it was related to the power shortage in Shepherds bush (i obviously have no ideas how they would be related but that was the only think out of the normality this afternoon )
But after walking around some i all of a sudden found myself in the reception of a gym asking for the price of a membership and a second after that I was seated in their lounge watching well fit people enjoy sweating.

Fit trainer comes out and smiles at me and I am sure that he has been selling cars in a previous life or maybe that is something he is doing while he is not lifting heavy things or trying to trick innocent girls in to a 12 months commitment. (well “innocent girl” might not be the ultimate description of me, but I felt like one, okay?)
He shows me around and that gym was sexy, it had everything and more, when i heard that they have a sauna, the Scandi in me almost signed the papers in a go.
After a heavy debate, I was actually considering joining…
I promised him that I would go across the road and think about it, the fact that I live across the road was an argument he was using pretty heavy to sign up, this lazy, fat toad (yep I felt like one seeing all the athletes being so happy working out) walked out of the gym considering joining.
I called my brother since he is a Stenmark and, not only that he post poop relater articles on my FB wall everyday, he kinda knows my personality and I came to the conclusion that I should wait.
I have a bit of a commitment phobia when it comes to sign up for things… and since I believe that my gym carrier will end up like a classic: paying but not going, I might as well stick to my walking and swimming.
I mean what I really was looking forward to was the Sauna and that can’t be worth spending £50 a month on, can it?

I’m more of a bacon and beer girl me


6 responses to “I dont know how it happened

  1. LOL, you are funny!
    I love when you are writing long posts like this.
    Stay off the gym and stay in the bar.

  2. More long post and i promising to post more on your wall

  3. Låter vettigare i mina öron med promenader och bacon än fancy gym.

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