who are you???

sometimes when i check my stats it makes me overwhelmed, you guys are from everywhere…
i am sharing my life with so many people all across the world
makes me blush a bit 😉
all I know about you guys is that you like to read but not to comment… hahaha


5 responses to “who are you???

  1. Haha! For me it’s the same thing. Sometimes when I check my stats I’m like “wait… I have readers in Kyrgyzstan, Chile and Korea?! I want to know who these people are!”

  2. i know, it is really exiting 😉

  3. I am Sanna and I read you blog everyday but I am very bad at commenting. Sorry, LOL

  4. I’ve been a follower of you on twitter since the Revision3 and Swedish Intern days, we do miss your cameos.
    It is nice to keep track on via the blog, I hope you are showing up on a screen soon again.

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