keep calm and get an iPhone

I’m gonna need to get myself an iPhone, i just ordered 2 phone cases and there is not really a point have a bunch of iPhone 4s-cases lying around without a phone is it?
Just one solution, get myself one of them silky, sekksssi, sleek, sassy phones huh? I’m a huge apple fan boy and I am stuck with a BB in my hand, that is just wrong.
I’m effing doing this now…
i mean, look at the case,
i. need. to. use. it.


6 responses to “keep calm and get an iPhone

  1. Do it! I was slightly sceptical before getting mine but I have to say, it is in the top 3 best buys I ever made. I love my iPhone.

  2. If I ever end up with an iPhone I need to get one of these

  3. Oh! I want a Tardis one my iphone case too!!

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