To live in hearts we leave behind Is not to die.

have not had any inspiration to write anything really the last period of my life
when a person dies life does change in so many ways
i am going to Sweden now for the funeral
it is really scary because i think that i will finally understand it when i get there
and i don’t want to understand
not at all
not a single bit

I want to say though, that I had such an amazing support here
have a beautiful group of people around me
thank you all so much i love you


4 responses to “To live in hearts we leave behind Is not to die.

  1. Ja, det är nog som du skriver att det kanske inte blir helt verkligt förrän ni får säga hejdå “på riktigt” när hela familjen är samlad. Hoppas allt går bra, ta hand om varandra, Styrkekramar till dig!

  2. For my Friend, a little something to take with you on this journey. May it bring you comfort & peace. “When you lose someone it can be hard to take
    the pain that you feel when your heart has to break
    the memories you keep are all in your mind
    as you search your soul for more to find
    the way their skin felt the smell of their hair
    as you keep thinking over and shedding a tear
    the years may pass, memories fade to grey
    but your getting no younger you’ll see them someday
    unconditional love is never forgotten
    look deep in your heart it is there at the bottom
    alone in the dark sometimes in fear
    voices from loved ones your hoping to hear
    more years pass, they soon fly by
    but your always looked upon from those in the sky
    surrounded by clouds and pure white doves
    they listen and watch sending you love
    just remember one thing as you sit and you pray
    they will be there to greet you, you will see them someday.”
    You Will See Them Someday.

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