In this blog you can follow Camilla’s life in London where she works as an on air Producer, free lancing as a video editor, loves life, eating tons of cheese and exploring the city.

Camilla lived in California, San Francisco from the summer of 2005 to the late fall of 2009.
She moved to the endless summer to study sound production, acting, film and broadcasting.

While in school she hosted CCSF’s own produced show IDTV for a season and also shot and edited field packages for the show. She also interned at the leading internet television company Revision3, and became well known as the “The Swedish Intern” .
When the internship was completed she started to work for Revision3 as a free lancer in the Studio, mainly she was working as floor manager and camera operator for the shows produced and shot by Revision3, among them but not limited to; The Digg Town Hall with Kevin Rose and Jay Adelson, Internet Superstar with Martin Sargent and HD Nation with Patrick Norton and Robert Heron

Her interest in video and film led her to become a volunteer for ATA.
She is in love with her Flip and FCP and she is constantly making small video projects, some more serious than others. Many of them have been screened at various film galleries in San Francisco.
She made a promo video and was the main camera man at live gigs for the San Francisco based band The Hooks.
Camilla cooperated with life expressionist and filmmaker Luka Lukasik, making two music videos for the Santa Barbara based band The Right Hand. In addition she wrote the song “Little you”, that ended up as a beautiful duet with her and THR’s vocalis O.H.Lee, on the bands debut album Fate My Enemy – and realized she does looks great as a mouse pad.

Before she moved to California she was a DJ at Rocket 95.3 and hosted the two hour weekly show EOS every Sunday. She interviewed bands like Iron Maiden, Meshuggah and Danzig.



12 responses to “About

  1. well i know what project your working on
    mrs vice president

  2. Hi Camilla! I am a casting associate producer for HGTV’s “House Hunters International,” currently looking to cast ex-pats who have recently relocated to the UK. I came across your blog and thought you might make a great contributor for an episode. If you are interested in learning more about the casting process, please e-mail me at househunterscasting@leopardfilms.com. Thanks!

  3. Hey there,

    Awesome blog good to meet you

  4. Hi! How can I get in touch with Camilla through email? Thanks, Julie

  5. alison mcquade

    hey there camilla – saw saw your black and white photo with big ben in the background and the red phone booth – love love love it!

  6. elo how u been

  7. Hey camilla it’s Faizal please contact me at Faizal@sketchsurf.com

  8. Mike Patton is a genius. Great pic of you two.

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