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u either wanna fuck him or be him

That’s how you could divide the audience tonight (me, I want both)
James Black, what a fucking front figure, what a scene personality!
I received a rock n roll fist in the face the second the Howling entered the stage, it was sick, and I couldn’t even be bothered clapping cause I my hands were too busy pick my jaw up off the floor.

Sometimes someone (read me ) needs to spend a night with a very close friend, having a few pints, enjoy masturbation- worthy rock n roll and not think of cancer and its devil power…
Just that.
Sometimes you just have to remember to live, no mather how hard it seems.

I wanna sing in a band again


I am an artistic perv

spending my Wednesday evening with this and a bowl of black olives…

got some cool releases to look forward to that is all i am saying.
(and that had obviously nothing to do with the olives but the legs…)

my view at the moment

Editing some

i am addicted

to Moshi Moshi
Yesterday I painted this T-shirt for my niece and I gave it to her this morning, she is over the moon and will not take it off…

after the breakfast we transformed the kitchen into a painting studio and I made her a Moshi Moshi puzzle.
(last time she gave me a half sleeve so i just returned the favor)

auntie Moshi

look at my Moshi Moshi art
i am the best auntie in the world.

Alexandra loves Moshi Moshi, we are reading the book every night before we go to sleep…

it is Friday and its time for “the Pau dance”

Me and Samia are dancing some in the kitchen while waiting for the weekend…
( we do work too)

lifted like a virgin

I thought he was about to punch me first, but oh no, he just wanted some attention and to grab me a bit

Karaoke at the White horse at its best