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rock n roll

Bestest fucking MIA


calling in to say hello

See what I did there?
(besides a stupid face)

Sunny London today, which makes sense since me and K did not go swimming today :/ normally we are as wet when we finally arrives to work as when we get up from the pool.

On another note, my protege is coming to London in 2 days – stoked

i hope to see you all there

Lets all get hammered and listen to some really great rock n roll

You don’t wanna miss out – believe me

i was considering writing a little story of humping Irishmen, friendship fail and stupid doormen, but I can’t be bothered to be honest….

focus on good things instead
for example that I accomplished to get myself home from East London using the magic of the public transport of London instead of spending £50 on a cab. (I do have a habit of doing that)
Spent the tube ride home listening to Bowie, eating 2 pack of salamis and texting people to go and sing karaoke with me but since no one was in the mood to go to the most stinky bar in Shepherds Bush I grabbed a few Guinness, went home and accidentally seasoned my McDonalds meal with cinnamon instead of pepper…

just spent a fortune

Park got gold and we decided to go and get some heat in a pub.
And I just spent shitloads on 2 drinks… i had to ask for straws

beer and strawberries

Catching up with L in the park with salami and brie

lunch by the lake