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To live in hearts we leave behind Is not to die.

have not had any inspiration to write anything really the last period of my life
when a person dies life does change in so many ways
i am going to Sweden now for the funeral
it is really scary because i think that i will finally understand it when i get there
and i don’t want to understand
not at all
not a single bit

I want to say though, that I had such an amazing support here
have a beautiful group of people around me
thank you all so much i love you


rock n roll

Bestest fucking MIA

the world has lost a very great and beautiful man

an amazing human lost the battle against cancer yesterday

you will be forever missed

hot chick will enter the stage

Hell fucking yeah!!

it is very possible that i am a little bit in love

Me as a Leo found another leo that is amazingly synchronised with me.
She said:”you need this”, and took me to a great show tonight.
I could focus on good things for awhile and I really needed that.
we speak the same language and I do not refer to our native language…
I found a friend for life and I can just imagine what great adventures we will explore together!
I have one of the bestest friends ever. Period.

my ink sisters

its been a rough and hard time being here at the hospital
My wonderful bonus sisters and myself are now ink sisters
beautiful and wonderful women
so glad that i know them
follow them here and here

toddlers and toddler talk

Stenmarks on the slide

Met up with my beautiful Veronika yesterday and cuddled with her belly, Alexandra helped me wrap the gift for the baby… spent hours talking and laughing, funny how some people will always be such an important part of your life even though you spend your life in different art of the world.
I have pictures of the magnificent belly on my blackberry, i will post it when I get home to London.

Had a wrestling morning with the toddlers and now I’m gonna get ready to meet up with my protege…