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free fallin’

Now I am free fallin’


Gonna free fall out into nothin’


calling in to say hello

See what I did there?
(besides a stupid face)

Sunny London today, which makes sense since me and K did not go swimming today :/ normally we are as wet when we finally arrives to work as when we get up from the pool.

On another note, my protege is coming to London in 2 days – stoked

just nod if you can hear me

Going through rainy West London with Floyd in my ears.
Comfortable numb, can’t hardly listen to it without crying yet I can’t stop listening to it.

Paint it black

Dressed in black, listening to the Stones.
Good morning Monday, don’t fucking disappoint me

convincing myself to do something useful today

Spent the whole day in bed watching Dexter while eating like a pig yesterday.
Started with McDonald’s continued with a big bowl of Mac n cheese and the last 2 episodes if season 1 I was accompanied by a big plate of bacon.
One could say that I had a very fulfilling Saturday.
I promised myself that I am going to do something useful today, so some catching up on dishes, vacuuming and grocery shopping is on the agenda today.
Basically because the goal is to go to bed early, with shitloads of home made mexican food (enough so I can bring to work tomorrow) and start season 2 of Dexter in a fresh, clean house…

outside this window the world is still spinning

I don’t even know what day it is
another morning at the hospital after another dreadful night…
We are listening to Neil young while trying to numb the big, pink elephant in the room, the elephant known as cancer. It is hard since the elephant is taking up more and more space.

life is so far from fair

look at me being all cool outside the swimming pool

I like me new swimmie me
I can feel it in the whole body after 30 minutes straight in the slow lane…
Gonna buy lunch on the way home I am starving