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rock n roll

Bestest fucking MIA


i hope to see you all there

Lets all get hammered and listen to some really great rock n roll

You don’t wanna miss out – believe me

u either wanna fuck him or be him

That’s how you could divide the audience tonight (me, I want both)
James Black, what a fucking front figure, what a scene personality!
I received a rock n roll fist in the face the second the Howling entered the stage, it was sick, and I couldn’t even be bothered clapping cause I my hands were too busy pick my jaw up off the floor.

Sometimes someone (read me ) needs to spend a night with a very close friend, having a few pints, enjoy masturbation- worthy rock n roll and not think of cancer and its devil power…
Just that.
Sometimes you just have to remember to live, no mather how hard it seems.

I wanna sing in a band again

just rockin’ some

All women have JD-shirts, guys have bangs and the singer wants me to scream “yeah yeah yeah”
I’m standing next to a hot woman and want another beer

I am an artistic perv

spending my Wednesday evening with this and a bowl of black olives…

got some cool releases to look forward to that is all i am saying.
(and that had obviously nothing to do with the olives but the legs…)

hot chick will enter the stage

Hell fucking yeah!!

getting ready for rock n roll

Me, Louise and ROOOOOOB!
Haven’t seen them for ages, proper nice to see them.
Having a pint before we’re going to see Mia Klose