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missed this haven’t you?

Late lunch and now my work day is going back to “normal”, with normal I mean I’ll run around like a head less chicken making shit work!
And seriously, this salad is sekkssiii


i don’t know about you

But I am going to spend the evening eating home made pizza and watch Dexter (shocking huh?)
Perfect cure after last night

i am not only hot i am an excellent chef too

seriously – I wish I could have all of you over for dinner tonight
The food was terrific, absolutely amazing.

I used minced beef, onion, chili, jack Daniels, grated cheese, pepper and herbs, shaped them to a mix of a steak and a big meat ball and cooked them in the oven.
potatoes, salad and a gorgeous peppercorn sauce.
and then dessert

Chocolate mousse layered with custard, after eight, strawberries, banana and chocolate cookies, cream on top.
I am not a big chocolate fan but since I’ve been told that cheese and salami is no proper snacks for Easter I made this chocolate thingie and it was absolutely gorgeous!

think i’m gonna park my full body in the bed now and watch movies…
good Friday y’all

what a good Friday

spent a few hours in the park before it got too cold.. as soon as there was a cloud in front of the sun it got chilly, really chilly…

First time I went to that park, had no idea it was there, it’s so close to where I live.
Definitely gonna hang out there more now when it’s getting warmer.

On the way home I got 2 scratch card, I got inspired when my friend won moneys today

but I had no luck 😦

oh well, I have JD – Salisbury steaks in the Oven and preparing to have a really yummy rest of the day

tasty Friday starts now

This sexy piece of pizza is in the oven, chilled Stella is poured in a glass..
I think this is the beginning of a great Friday night

my bacon sushi

Absolutely amazing
Sushi with bacon
I made it and loving it

bacon sushi

Sushi rice
Sushi seaweed
Sushi ginger
A sushi mat
Thoughts on this?
I’m excited