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being romantic with myself

With strawberries, camenbert and home made chai I am gonna cuddle up in my bed and watch a movie, have a great Monday night


making me some spicy gumbo

Scandi meets New Orleans to the tunes of Beethoven in my kitchen tonight.
Wish I could invite you all for dinner.

le breakfast

Left Lotta at the bus a while ago, had a fantastic weekend with her.
We started this morning with chili banana, yogurt and crushed digestive, drank coffee with that and then I ‘made myself pretty’ and we went out with her camera.
We took some pictures for her Jewellery and found some pretty surroundings and I was posing.
Love living here and absolutely love having brilliant people over.
Just found out that my bestest friend Rickard might pop in for a coffee (and hang out for a couple of days soon) I’m over the moon.
Kisses to you all, I’m going to finally do the dishes

tomorrow i am gonna make chili bananas for breakfast

with crushed digestive on top.
Lotta and I can’t wait…
Just FYI 🙂

the table is ready

Baking bread and the wine is chilled, John Lennon is playing in the background.
Lotta must have just landed and I’m gonna go and pick her up soon.
Seriously how awesome is my table???

a 3 minutes to make dinner

Well, maybe 5 minutes.
I fried ready made Polenta in olive oil, garlic, chili and mixed herbs for about 3 min, then I put the slices on a plate with camenbert on.
While melting the cheese on the Polenta I quick fried shrimps and mushrooms for about the 30 seconds the plate was in the microwave.
Added a slash of cream, poured the shrimps and mushrooms on the polenta and garnished with a tomato.
Absolutely lovely
And fast
And cheap

picnic dinner

With myself on the floor
Made a delicious spinach and meat bolognese topped with cheese, cottage cheese and olives.
Listening to APC and I’m feeling great.