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time to say good bye

I’ve spent more than 2 years on this site and I’ve been bloging almost everyday
I loved it to bits and I still cannot believe how many of you that are following my blog
First off a big thank you
secondly I want to say that I am not by any mean throwing in the towel, the opposite rather, I moved to my own domain and will now post stupid webcam photos and write about things i love at

please join me on my journey

thank you dear for these wonderful 2 years… time to move on

If I leave here tomorrow
Would you still remember me?
For I must be traveling on, now


some proper breakfast at the airport

Boarding soon, I had to throw so much stuff when I went through security, thought I was a smart packer… All my lipsticks and chap sticks are now binned at Stansted… and the woman was an absolute c##t :/ but hey, I got me some gossip mags and crisps…
Now I’m gonna make a scene about nuts and then sleep my way to Sweden.

free fallin’

Now I am free fallin’


Gonna free fall out into nothin’

24 degrees

The photographer is grunting

im only happy when it rains

and that is not true at all

A lot on my mind right now

lift part pt 25

Went out for a non smoke to clear my head

about breaking the law in a swimming pool

I met up with my favorite fraggel at 6:30 to swim here in Shepherds Bush. (she posted a really ugly picture of me, she looks cute as fuck, I look like the girl from the ring, well how the girl from the ring would look if she hadn’t slept for 3 years.)

Swim went well, interesting girl in our lane, i don’t wanna be like that, but if it says “slow lane – swim anti clockwise” you wouldn’t really expect a mad woman crawling like she was auditioning for the new piranha movie, constantly trying to pass us by, almost like chasing us and obviously swimming in the wrong direction, (that would be clock wise)
But there she was totally fucking up my idea of a meditative morning swim.
Another thing I did not expect was, one of the people working there loosing control of a big pool cleaning machine, driving straight in to my calves and over my feet.
No, I didn’t foresee that but there I was limping out of the place with a deep freeze cold patch stuck in my shoe… (which didn’t help at all just made me cold.)

the rest of the day I spent running back and fourth (I quit limping quite fast) doing graphic tests… I’ve been so busy today that by the time it was 4:30 I still hadn’t had my lunch break.

I was suppose to meet Louise today for some drinks but I am absolute knackered, I think green tea and editing is about what my brain can handle at the moment.
a rain check on that one Ms Wiklund, I make it up to you on saturday.

some laundry sound about right too… exciting…