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my desk is turning into a nail saloon

Me and Kamilla have shared custody of all these small bottles
Na na na na na nail girls, nail girs, nail girls


i bedded Kylie… in a travelodge

Painting my nails on that quote
Will be at work for 13 hours today, hurray and helloooo Monday !!!!

you sir, i wanna take you to the gay bar

Rickard is home and we’re heading OUT

hey, look at this, Swedish nails

All I do now is work, cook, eat and paint my nails.
I’m a terrible blog-updater, but hey, a picture of my newly painted nails – at work, is quit a treat a wednesday morning, no?
I tell you what’s a treat a wednesday morning, the breakfast, you know what, since I love you so much, I’m gonna take a picture of that too.

3 weeks and 3 days since I quit smoking…

and yeah, speaking of my nails….

was told a few times this week that i looked like a serial killer victim
i had no idea, i never watched dexter in my life…

after this week (and the comments) i am, lets say, quit aware of that episode

i am such a douche that

i actually think that you guys will care about my nails…

well, i think they are pretty
i wanted some colors

new hair and new nails

And newly cooked dinner to bring to work, I managed to do some of them gazillions things today…