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look at this douche posing with a sainsburys bag

To my defence I wanted to capture the moment…


and with this i am saying good night

A perfect tee for someone like me that have drunken tourettes

(imagine that with a slightly Irish accent)
I want this T-shirt so badly, been laughing myself to tears repeatedly… thank you Maria for sending me the pic – you know me oh to well….

weird hair and the past

shower hair, the best hair ever
Went through some old pictures to send to a friend and stumbled up on these
This is what I did when i live in Craig Avon… i dressed up as the Tweenies, teletubbies and bananas in pyjamas for a living for a while…
A picture from the rehearsal

Here is me as B1, see, i am such a natural…

a day of torture

i am never gonna drink again…

here is some random pictures
i like them

me as a superhero

Look what I got from my co worker…
It’s now hanging behind my desk to remind me that I am a superhero and that I work with awesome people
Thank u Peter 🙂

a midnight joke