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I’m a M-F-natural

Look at me, I am so proud, look how even and nice it is
haha, syhäxan should see me now, (the sewing witch) our art and craft teacher in high school, she use to kick me out of her class since i was such a “rebel” and refused to do it her way…
Now (well, billion years later) I am drinking tea and knitting (well, my way though) and feeling just great

and 11 days since i quit smoking


i really like to ride the train especially when i forget where i’m going

I’m back in London now, did the last part by train, alone.
Need to get out of London more often, just take a train to the middle of nowhere, and go from there
Thank you Luka for a great little adventure,

Can’t believe I known this little fella for more than 6 years, we’ve done some great traveling together.

Now I am home and tired, (you don’t sleep too great in a car)
gonna fight with the knitting sticks and the yarn for a few
this should help I’ve heard:
“in through the bunny hole, round the big tree, out through the bunny hole and off pops she”
i wanna make this , this and this I might need to practice some (years and years) for the last one…
damn cool though

step by step

another day of not smoking
i feel like a monster, just want to punch something
now i’m gonna hide in a (another) bag of crisps

maybe i should start knitting?

a little bit agitated

I’ve banged my head into the wall and my temper is short as fuck.
This is fucking hard
i just want to cry and scream

but i can fucking do this!!!!!