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i suppose it is kind of a compliment but 18?

First I got offered to buy a youth ticket on the bus to the airport (26)
Then I got carded when I purchased things where the age limit is 18 (no, not ciggies , no worries)
I felt like Benjamin Button who just got younger and younger, maybe it is the fact that I’ve spent 10 days with toddlers.

On the airplane the greyed, fat and way to obnoxious lady infront of me had to complain half the flight that someone (that would be me) was allergic to peanuts and because of that they did not serve any. Sure I get the point that she was a bit upset, we all got that point the first 2 minutes…. The next 40 was just kind of redundant. The guy next to her, whom she aimed her “omg, no peanuts??!!??!!”- rant at, looked as he secretly hoped he too had the allergy and a bag of peanuts to quickly inhale, to end the pain.
Me, I felt like I made a huge impact on her life.

The middle aged, badly dressed men with i Pads thought that “all electronic devices need to be turned off during take off and landing” did not mean their device… Seriously, they needed to be told both take off and landing.

I’m on the bus from Stansted now, even though the flight is about 2 hours the whole days is kind of dedicated to travel…

I turned the roaming on now and I had about a billion new mails… Going to be a fun day at work tomorrow.
Can’t wait for the breakfast


All my bags are packed I’m ready to go

waiting for my sister in law to serve me some spaghetti bolognese
leaving for London soon

“Auntie is going to take the train, the bus and the airplane to get home to auntie’s house”
Alexandra explaining to her mum that i am leaving

i will miss the toddlers so much


spending time with this idiot who is constantly farting while being awesome

surburbian disco

Celebrated Paddy’s day with a Guinness and Becca
took her to Kelly’s to show her where I spent my youth, we just had a few drinks there and I managed to leave the place in an erect position (for a change)
Becca’s friend joined us and the girls tricked me out to the middle of nowhere, the suburb of the suburbs, Märsta.
Spent the night starring at kids dancing around to smurf hits, found 2 Irish lads in the corner of the place that looked as misguided as me, they never celebrated their day in such a weird place before they said.

i miss London when i am out in Sweden
it is so expensive… 230sek for 2 drinks, un-fucking-believable
but it was amazing to meet my little Becca ca ca


it is chilly in Sweden so I am pretending I am a Norwegian

quality time with this awesome boy

Me and Kev are leaving the parents at home for an adventure in Sthm….
just the two of us….

I have a green knee, a broken lip, sore sholder and i am exhausted, playing with toddlers is rougher than playing hockey

been busy hanging out with these two

being super auntie and eating falukorv och makaroner