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quick thursday update

my brother and myself are going to have a cross trainer competition, he challenged me and I just had to accept it, 2 competitive Stenmarks on a cross trainer*… that will not be a pretty sight.
If he wins i’ll write “cheater” all over his cross trainer
If I win I’ll do a proper victory dance, who is excited?

here is a unrelated weird gif animation that I found here

*not at the same time


quality time with this awesome boy

Me and Kev are leaving the parents at home for an adventure in Sthm….
just the two of us….

I have a green knee, a broken lip, sore sholder and i am exhausted, playing with toddlers is rougher than playing hockey

Watching Pocahontas with the super toddlers

And pretending we are indians

been busy hanging out with these two

being super auntie and eating falukorv och makaroner

i kinda miss my

red hair

now it is…. just brown

drinking coffee in bed and enjoying the first day of vacation
Rickard had to get up early so I joined him for breakfast and didn’t go back to sleep, might as well get used to early mornings, my niece and nephew are up pretty early and the will wake me up.
Going to get some pressies for them today, need to bribe them for being away for such a long time 🙂

i can not wait to meet them

new artwork

My Christmas gift from 2 very promising artists are finally up on my wall.

I want to say Happy Birthday to this talented and beautiful woman

the mother of my niece and nephew
the wife of my brother
my friend and
my sister in law, Linda!!!

if you want to make her happy today on her birthday you should click here to like her company’s facebook page
and here to read the same company’s blog.