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keep calm and get an iPhone

I’m gonna need to get myself an iPhone, i just ordered 2 phone cases and there is not really a point have a bunch of iPhone 4s-cases lying around without a phone is it?
Just one solution, get myself one of them silky, sekksssi, sleek, sassy phones huh? I’m a huge apple fan boy and I am stuck with a BB in my hand, that is just wrong.
I’m effing doing this now…
i mean, look at the case,
i. need. to. use. it.


so many nationalities

this is pretty cool,
i checked my stats and this is a map showing where you guys are reading my blog from, i had no idea you were so spread out over the world


i have Edward Norton in my bed

Eating Greek yogurt while complaining about the lack of filmjolk

amongst old ruins and small towns

i am dancing like there is no tomorrow

I really like, no, love, the feeling of sitting in a car and you just drive… you can end up anywhere.
We did a few of those trips in California, once we were driving close to Salton Sea, we found “the last free space”, an old hippie car park that was made into a cinema/theater.
The whole exterior was mad out of old car parts, like a little club but with no roof, big old cans where burning, a PA system where hooked up and the old free people where jamming. All around it people lived in their caravans, a whole little society we found.
We were warmly greeted and very soon i was welcomed up to the stage to sing with them, we fired up some Moody blues , the box tops and other good old songs.
That was a magic night we were drinking wine and talked about art, we fell asleep in the car and left the next morning to continue our trip.
Well, this little trip did not contain any burning trash cans, but we did wake up in a car next to the sea.

(we timed a low tide though)

we found a lot of old ruins, and this beautiful building

really great little trip, want to do one again soon

the interesting muff

London is freezing and I need to wear this fury thing on my head
One point to you if you know what we call this in Sweden…

come on £12,000,000, be mine tonight

i wanna take super limo to the gig tomorrow…

had quit a lot on my mind today, why are some things so fucking hard??? (£12,000,000 would make some of them so much easier)
i am so glad i have friends who knows exactly how to make me feel better, chatted to Mia some in the phone today and life seems so much easier…
made two decisions on the way home on the bus, could be two of the most important ones i made in my life, or well, top 10 maybe, or 20? point is, i made them and i’ll live up to them.

i moved to London exactly a year ago

it feels shorter…
and longer
it’s really been an interesting year
love where i am at the moment, really love it
have an awesome job, i’ve missed that
was thinking to write something nostalgic about the past year, but i am way too tired now.
Long and eventful day at work today! very eventful 🙂

anyway, here is a picture of me on the airport coach leaving Stockholm to move to London, a year ago today

damn, i lost those shades…