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quote: “you can out text and post me under the table. I can’t possibly keep up with you in this arena. You’re still the Best!”

my dear friend John kept tweeting #FF’s today, A SATURDAY?!?!
unacceptable, what’s next Christmas presents in the summer? Easter in July?


as promised, here they are the pictures!!

yesterday i promised


when i woke up this morning i had 804 followers
and welcome
i will treat you nicely
and will start by posting the pictures
here is: me biting @goodtape’s ear (was pretty tasty)

and here i am kissing the Tardis

don’t you worry, on Friday I will meet the real Tardis again and I will kiss it, big time

good morning!! just want to remind you guys

to follow me on twitter

just if you wanna know what i eat for lunch and other necessary things 😉

someone else won the “eat like a pig – competition”

hahahaha, just got this tweeted to me

twice as mighty Double Cheese burger

ok, i rest my case, cant compete with that… yet 😉

Wikipedia, a great source for accurate information…?

Hahaha, Mau, no, i had no idea…
i almost choked on my coffee this morning when i checked my twitter… see, this is what happens when anyone can edit the information on wikipedia, all of a sudden I am the director for Tekzilla… (i wish)

happy new year

and happy birthday to my awesome Curry!!!
(the best birthday presents are showing up later today)
going to work now.
today is the first day of smashing 2011
even though @bobojojo said it pretty well

“Goals and aspirations should be reached every minute of your life”YES!!

yes please

I wanna have a “Camilla Stenmark” – iphone app
can someone make one for me???
I don’t know exactly what i want it to do… but my life would be near to complete if i had my own iPhone app….
Any takers???