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I am an artistic perv

spending my Wednesday evening with this and a bowl of black olives…

got some cool releases to look forward to that is all i am saying.
(and that had obviously nothing to do with the olives but the legs…)


here, some nostalgia (in Swedish)

i’m going to bed to watch movies now
good night Chickens

Film stock test

yes, 2:48 in the video Virgin Mary is drinking jägermeister straight from the bottle

killer heels and lipstick

Good morning my little chickens
While I am trying to catch up with all the joy a Monday can give I’ll leave you with a picture of Hotness personified. I shot some behind the scenes from Mia’s photo shoot this Saturday, a very freezing but oh so productive day, that girl is such a pro.
(and so damn hot)

What if lust for life becomes live for lust?

A short i made in San Francisco ages ago
Poor Luk had a fever and I forced him in to costume after costume…
all make up and styling is made by me 🙂

A wise man said to be once:
“I can’t understand how everything you create is so dark, you seem like such a happy person”
I suppose that’s why i am happy, since i get all the dark shit out in my creations…

never say no to Panda

here is a little awesome clip of you,
I love this commercial
i must have Panda cheese for so many reasons

more Northern Ireland…

hahaha, have to show you this one too
The highlights from my 3 months in Craigavon with Mark…
You’ll see some from the rehearsal, our trip to London (before we decided to move here), our lovely bacon wrapped Turkey, some tunes from johnny logan and so on..

and, ofcourse, a pic with the Buckie

Buckfast Tonic Wine – god’s gift to Camilla