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lunch break in Chiswick

Enjoying the sun with Jo and chatting like a maniac


today Im gonna be smart and get myself a cuppa from Starbucks on the way to work.

I doubt the coffee machine will be fixed by the time I’m in and I really need my caffeine today.
Show and tells, meetings, adorable Swedes and Danes to take care of, (Jo, you can’t believe how missed you where yesterday)

bank holiday… really? on a Monday, when the coffee machine is broken? no, I don’t like that combo

Today I spent the whole day at the office, with a broken coffee machine on a bank holiday
that. was. interesting.
Great meeting though, just that the world is not as bright when our receptionist is not there… not as bright at all.

hard day at work today

been glued to a computer the whole day

while listening to classical music and Santeria by Sublime
then I spent some time in the handicap toilet with 2 girls… you know the usual thing

the 14 hours and counting at work – face

Definitely a little bit tired.
Drinking tea now and enjoying the quietness in the office while editing some.
I have the fridge full of food at home, gonna follow my weekend habit and eat it in the bed, maybe I can squeeze an episode of Dexter into my night plan?

gettong ready for some live telly

Love doing Betnér Direkt since that is such a good show, I’m a big fan of Magnus.
Going into the live studio soon.