the world has lost a very great and beautiful man

an amazing human lost the battle against cancer yesterday

you will be forever missed


calling in to say hello

See what I did there?
(besides a stupid face)

Sunny London today, which makes sense since me and K did not go swimming today :/ normally we are as wet when we finally arrives to work as when we get up from the pool.

On another note, my protege is coming to London in 2 days – stoked

just nod if you can hear me

Going through rainy West London with Floyd in my ears.
Comfortable numb, can’t hardly listen to it without crying yet I can’t stop listening to it.

im only happy when it rains

and that is not true at all

A lot on my mind right now

lift part pt 25

Went out for a non smoke to clear my head

Paint it black

Dressed in black, listening to the Stones.
Good morning Monday, don’t fucking disappoint me

i hope to see you all there

Lets all get hammered and listen to some really great rock n roll

You don’t wanna miss out – believe me