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rabbit teeth on the way to work

tomorrow i’m up for bowling, karaoke and shit loads of drinks
today – not so much
and with that i mean: work, work some more and work my ass off

how about you?


2 x Stenmark Siblings

proud father and proud Auntie
Alexandra and Kevin

off to meet Hanna

for some shopping at Oxford st (well, she is shopping, i am… just looking)
and having lunch before i start working again… 4 days off, i don’t know if i remember how to fold things properly

i adore coffee

especially if you dip digestive in it…
worked until 9 yesterday, got home after 10, cooked dinner, ate fell a sleep, drinking coffee, going to work.
i’m stuck in the the rat race!!!!! ah, just kidding, i am very happy having a job!!  + the people that i work with are awesome and i am invited to the Christmas party!
(sorry about all the exclamation marks, i blame it on the coffee)
point being, little less updates on the blog at the moment, but i am busy making money

i need to dye my hair

wanted to take a photo booth picture of my hair, but thought it was more fun to do the “standing completely backwards with my hands so i look like a model (at least thats what i think)” -pose instead…
cause they kinda belong to the blog world don’t they

oh well, need to piss and then off to Piccadilly
(note to self; get color for my hair)


i might get a job, but i also might just fall

dressed for success, if Bambi ever succeed on the ice… going out for a walk with my cv’s and my new shoes, you could call me stupid i wanna say adventures, (and maybe a little bit stupid)
gonna see how far i get, at least i Look Hot, and that IS. the. most. important.
maybe gonna ask Linda to send me some of that dies shakes too, so i’ll look both hot and thin!!

(i think i’ll just get to the corner store and back, gonna get some cigarettes, then i swap to something more comfortable, i can not walk in heels)

and seriously was that not a stupid goodie bag?? ovulation test and diet shakes??
weird combo and very insensitive, what if the winner can not have babies…

off to be a cowboy

I am ready for some hard work now!
I can’t wait to show you the result…