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guess what this is


i am moved to tears


my incredible talented friend and x co worker Sosi painted this picture of me
it is so good
She is so gifted.
I wanna print it out on a canvas and put it up on my wall
i can’t believe it… someone just painted ME

I adore you Sosi ❤

long long time ago I was a natural clown

but once a clown always a clown…
“I remain just one thing, and one thing only, and that is a clown. It places me on a far higher plane than any politician.”
Charlie Chaplin

this is shot and edited years ago, still a work in progress, and most likely it’s gonna stay like that…

Speak English!

watched Vicky Cristina Barcelona, love, love, LOVE that film
i’m cuddled up in bed and wish I had an empty canvas, I want to paint so badly again, it’s been awhile.
My life is an empty canvas… I can do whatever I want
Im gonna paint, take over the world and get a Sphynx cat, but first I’m gonna eat

just a piece of meat

When i read this, about babies in cellophane, I’m thinking about when i made these
Barbies covered in ground beef…

it was for an exhibition and ATA in SF turned in to the red light district
I was contributing with the girls that was “just a piece of meat”
and i was also modeling for the big canvas that was covered in peepholes…