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tasty Friday starts now

This sexy piece of pizza is in the oven, chilled Stella is poured in a glass..
I think this is the beginning of a great Friday night


despite i dont like this day

i love this photos i recieved today

bacon – always

thanx Jo

it is impressive that is all i am saying

but I would eat it…
i am still hungry after my lunch, I am lucky Kamilla is going to sainsbury’s and pick me up some more food.
So hungry today

not really the bacon-meet-orgy i was dreaming of at work but

Turkey marinated in well seasoned double cream wrapped in Leicester cheese, wrapped in bacon. Sprinkled with onion, in the oven.
Going to add Mozzarella and smoked sausages right in the end!

i would LOVE to eat this today

there are a few things I would do to get that plate… right now.
my tomato soup is laughing me straigth in my face, i need to buy bacon on the way home to get my dignity back.

you can use dip-mixes from Sweden for quit alot of things

For example make food porn, bacon in a lovely dill, cream sauce, topped with mozzarella.
I am not kidding, this is heaven.
AND if I had to choose between salmon and bacon, it would be BACON

today a year ago… bacon porn

a bacon wrapped turkey

that was one of the best birds i had in my life
still in Ireland, did pro cooking with Curry’s sister