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surburbian disco

Celebrated Paddy’s day with a Guinness and Becca
took her to Kelly’s to show her where I spent my youth, we just had a few drinks there and I managed to leave the place in an erect position (for a change)
Becca’s friend joined us and the girls tricked me out to the middle of nowhere, the suburb of the suburbs, Märsta.
Spent the night starring at kids dancing around to smurf hits, found 2 Irish lads in the corner of the place that looked as misguided as me, they never celebrated their day in such a weird place before they said.

i miss London when i am out in Sweden
it is so expensive… 230sek for 2 drinks, un-fucking-believable
but it was amazing to meet my little Becca ca ca


a phone call that made me happy

spoke to the protege
that little traitor moved back to sweden and i miss her to bits but i believe my liver is pretty thankful

i managed to get kicked out from walkabout once with her… from walkabout
that is close to impossible

just a glass of champagne and a steak

took my little Protege out for dinner last weekend
We started our date day with champagne on our stoop

later we went in to central where we had to wait 2,5 hours for a table, we waited in the bar…
i was quit tipsy when we finally got our steak
but i thought it was this good

and this picture…
just for my flatmates

I have a sentimental weakness for my children and I spoil them, as you can see.

two girls and some junk

found a cool junk yard with everything and nothing
billions books about world war 2 mixed with love and poetry books
the best thing was the big picture frame in the middle

Ballerina, you must have seen her dancing in the sand

At noon a very Becca and myself decided to fight our demons and go and have brunch in the park.
Thought a little bit of fresh air would do good to my lungs and her aching head we packed for a little picnic, (a proper one this time, Lotta)
Look at my little protégé, dancing around in Shepherd’s Bush… me, I was walking like an old lady, all i missed was a cane.

this house in a nutshell

i suppose we could talk to each other…
but thats just freakish

btw, update your blog, freak