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who let the beer out

Mia or me?


a weekend of Bonke and Madness

need to rest… ill be back tomorrow

the weekend Bonke joined us

these words has been the key words;
Brie, doritos, pizza, Bonke, beer, the strongbow dance, cheese fight, strongbow, more pizza, garlic bread, drunk swedes, drunk irish man and drunk frenchies, bogvisir, roasted potatoes, birthdays, park hang, shades, same cozy trousers for 48 hours, jd and coke, jd without coke, shots of vodka in the toilet, spaghetti with milk, total misär, broken doors and head ache

glad i had to go shoot today… felt amazing to leave the house with a larger purpose than to get more pizza.

Bonke is not hung like a horse. Horses are hung like Bonke

beautiful isn’t it, our little backyard?
This is what’s happen when you let Irish, Swedish and French people live together
Today i am gonna lay in the park the whole day!

a normal Sunday at work (my day in pictures)

taking the bus to work, looks like a great day to

be inside and clean, but hey, i’m not bitter in fact, sweeping the floor is fun

i am happy to spend the whole day with Megan, she is rocking her new hair color and is this happy to see me

while crawling in the floor with my dust pan, Natasha forced me to clean her shoes

so then i force her to keep her eyes open on this picture

Megan had massive fries for lunch, people thought i took pictures of her massive tits… we all have hearing problems at my work

while running around with my camera i had a picture taken with Jai

in the middle of the day Megan convinced me to have a beer after work, i was not too hard to convince since i love my beer and my cigarette after a hard day of working, see how relaxed we look with a little bit of alcohol and nicotine

jai stole my prostitute jacket and pulled it off better than me (bitch) ❤

Megan ordered me more beers and then… yeah…. everything went rank wank

Awesome fucking Sunday!!!!! Megan you’re the best!!!

while im at work making money

i’m gonna show you a reason why i love my co workers

not only because they are hot and photogenic
but because they like beer, just like me

great night out with new and old friends