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live like a hippie…

while i’m on my way to work i wanna share this awesome picture of the people i live with at the moment… (well, kinda and there are more of us… )
It is a fucking fab house and no matter what is gonna happen, (i mean eventually we are all gonna move out, that is how life works, people coming, people going… )
But right now, this house is brilliant and i know we all gonna look back at this period and remember it with a huge smile, this is madness and so much fun!!
everyone should live in a flat share at least one period of their lives… i’ve been living like a hippie the last 6 years… (time to get some stability soon i guess)
the teenagers, oh they just started.


a weekend of Bonke and Madness

need to rest… ill be back tomorrow

love love love love

love my Swedish army, my friends and life
i might be a hippie, deal with it (that’s for u Becca)


just a cider to celebrate she’s back home
one to go!

mince is on its way

i’m gonna make pasta bolognese for the kids when they get home… i’ve cleaned (well kinda) some and did laundry.
drinking hot tea and smoking a cigarette
Sundays are the best
But i am looking forward to tomorrow and next week, so many new things to learn at my new job and this week is gonna be so much fun. (Friday is gonna be mental)
Life does change in the the better when you least expect it.
I am a very happy woman…
now i am gonna watch yet another episode of Doctor Who while i am waiting for the mince, Curry and the girls.
(i am not leaving the house today, it is way to wet outside)

an end of an era… teenage kids on their way

this room is gonna be chaos, 4 girls in one room, i don’t even know for how long, and Frenchy is bringing a friend over as well, the house is gonna be full of crazy french and swedish women.
sounds like a dream huh?
It’s raining outside and I’ve been watching episode after episode of Doctor Who, i think i am in love, i want my own crazy man with a box.
Starting with plan “cleaning the house before the kids get home” so its nice and tidy before they’ll mess everything up again.
Miss my little Becca and I am looking forward to meet the sister
i’m building up my Swedish army again, slowly but surely

kids, what do you want for dinner?

the national day of Sweden

i want meatballs and pickled herring
but i had garlic bread, an early shift at work and Louise instead… pretty awesome
looking forward to when i have all my Swedish bitches here and we’re gonna party like only vikings can