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Super 8 is the only way to shoot a Man

The summer of 2007 i visited Burning Man for the first time
First of all I have to say if you ever have a chance to visit you have to do it
It is the coolest festival, or art gathering rather, right in the middle of Nevada’s dessert.
You bike around in a dessert city made of art, created just to exist one week, wearing goggles prepared for the sandstorms.
No stores, no big line ups, no money – just art.
One of the most beautiful experiences in my life

Luk was armed with his super 8 camera and he captured the parts he fell in love with,
Back in San Francisco he hand processed and edited the footage, he then wrote the script for me and I was doing the voice over for the piece
Burning Man 2007 – “Agony & Ecstasy”

original score by: Sami Weinert.

we screened the piece a few times in San Francisco and people loved it
on youtube it wasn’t as well received, one of the few comments it got was
what the fuck is this shit?


need to hang out with this dude too

my incredible little brother!!!
Gonna have to book a ticket to Sweden soon, been way to long since i was there

i look like a hysterical fan

my “im-gonna-smile-depsite-the-hangover”-smile is hilarious

hey, you are following Mia on twitter right?

i was almost a millionaire

i spent the time on the bus deciding what i am gonna spend my money on
90 Millions is quit alot…
i would give my family and friends tons… record some music with Mia and Mike Patton

i would… well i wrote a whole list in my head… but then i found a small obstacle… my number did not come up
well spent 2 pound…
but then again, if you don’t bet u cant win… right?

Wikipedia, a great source for accurate information…?

Hahaha, Mau, no, i had no idea…
i almost choked on my coffee this morning when i checked my twitter… see, this is what happens when anyone can edit the information on wikipedia, all of a sudden I am the director for Tekzilla… (i wish)

2011 – my year

thinking about new year’s resolutions, or new year’s plans rather
” It’s a time to reflect on the changes we want (or need) to make and resolve to follow through on those changes”
next year is gonna be my year
i think i deserve it

yes please

I wanna have a “Camilla Stenmark” – iphone app
can someone make one for me???
I don’t know exactly what i want it to do… but my life would be near to complete if i had my own iPhone app….
Any takers???