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when people are writing good stuff about me,

and i almost cry
i wanna share it with you
here… “godfather has moved out” aka. Frenchy misses me

it sure was a lovely house

but like with everything… ch ch changes


back from Primark

we went to the small one, the tube was closed and neither of us felt well.
Strolled around in Kilburn, love, love, LOVE this area
Found some cool things at Primark, a ring, shades and socks, tons of socks, the fall is here.

me and my Primark bag

my new shades, 50p

plans for Stockholm

i am going to stay with one of my absolutely best friends in Stockholm
the one and only Rickard
“no space healthy ” – are you ready for chip and dale?
he is a great photographer too

Camilla Stenmark

photo by Rickard

oh the life of an unemployed

i went for a walk down to the lake this morning, it was before noon, so i say it’s morning

my socks always lose their partner in the washer… so now they are all swingers

me and my monkey

hi, what’s your plans?
i’m going for tea and toast
and then ready to do something creative

ok, what really sucks

is that my old archive is stuck somewhere where i can’t access it – at the moment
soooo, this is like starting all over again
well, tomorrow is a new day
a new start with new energy
a blank page
anything could happen