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cheese and lunatics

had a massive sleep in and a great breakfast
mozzarella, brie and salami

Today I am going to disappear in editing land, working on a real fun project.
Needs to be done at the same time as a certain release.

first thing i saw when i opened my email this morning was this amazing picture

Louise, Rob and me when we went to see Mia Klose a few days ago.
She is such a star on stage, next show you should come!!


being romantic with myself

With strawberries, camenbert and home made chai I am gonna cuddle up in my bed and watch a movie, have a great Monday night

cheese won

Ofcourse you are right, cheese it is.
When I went to the store I accidentally grabbed some salmon too. The Camenbert looked so lonely….
What made me really decide was, if I’d smoke still I would have spent equal amount on smokes – and still found a way to survive until pay day.
And cheese n salmon is way better for your lungs…. 😉
4 weeks today, I suppose this is a little celebration meal.

hey chickens i need you advice

You know it is January and I moved to my new place which means that I have very little money…
How can I, or can I, rather, justify spending £2 on Camenbert??
I have major “cheese and red wine cravings” and I have wine at home.
£2 is at least 13 pack of noodles and would feed (try to ) for a while…
But Camenbert…. Oh, so, beautiful.
what should I do?

give me a “B” “R” “E” and so on

You do I understand what I was on about now right?
Ah the wednesdays

cheese and bacon orgy

food porn

so we had a farmers market visiting work yesterday, i spent my lunch break drooling next to the cheese stand, and was almost considering spending way too much money on beauties like this

seriously i want to eat it all…
i just got myself a little piece and i ate i last night, tasted like heaven,
“Life is great. Cheese makes it better.”

awesome, sausages in wine, with cheese
its fucking brilliant!
i wanna make that for dinner tonight…