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i have something to say

people going out shopping during the sale are crazy, oxford street was completely nuts yesterday.
out shop looked like a war zone.
people sat on the floor eating at McDonald.
when i finally got home i made mozzarella/bacon filled pita bread and watched shin on the telly.
Off today.
gonna do absolutely nothing
except for some food shopping and cooking – eating and play starcraft.
I got Curry sick and I am still recovering.
so lets celebrate Christmas at its best
eat like a pig and rest!


merry Xmas

watched the Muppets Christmas Carol eating After Eight in the bed…
got awesome christmas presents!!!
my baby is the best!! thank you
Got snus from Rickard
my mother got me a fancy fanny (blingfitta) made by Lotta awesome!!!
she is such a great jewelry designer!! LOVE that she is making fancy fannies ! update, glam pussy is the correct word
wearing my hat i got from Curry, my new Christmas socks, watch and shirt!
Gonna eat bacon and drink some wine
Merry Christmas!!!

merry christmas

survived a whole day working, i was dizzy when i got there though
came home and noticed some new things under the christmas tree… excited!
Hope you all have a great christmas.
gonna make us hot toddy and wait for Santa

god jul

Today we’re celebrating Christmas in Sweden!!
as a Swede i should have the permission to open my gifts now… right?
Anyway, i really hope (but i know there is no chance in hell) that there is a camera for me under the tree, i am so bored of screen capture my flip footage (kinda creative though huh)
Im off to work, gonna help last minute people pick clothes for christmas… cant wait.
I am so glad that we are not really celebrating Christmas, just a tiny something and the we are gonna spend the money (wait, money? what money?) doing something nice later… and Julie and Charlie’s visit is a christmas present from heaven!
we’re going to the see the girls for awhile tomorrow though, and sing some Swedish Christmas songs…

the cutest granny in the world

got a present from my granny, she sent me Swedish, traditional christmas clothes and towels for the christmas decoration, just adorable! just like she is.
All I need now is a saffron bun.

älskar dig mormor

a bottle of wine in the fridge

and a whole chicken is slow roasting in the oven…
i did some christmas decoration, handed out some cv’s and cleaned a bit…

everything is ready for cozy Saturday, X factor is on tonight,
so now, can i play some sc2 until Curry gets home?