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second one today

8.5 hours to my vacation, have shit loads I need to do before…
Like drinking more coffee and chat to our receptionist, well and work ofcourse


my partner in crime today

Coffee!!!! Please don’t leave me.
My schedule is sooo tight, so much to do
Just had crisps for lunch 🙂

do the smart thing

Just passed by an add with that slogan, thought it might work as a title.
few things I wanna say
1. Something really interesting happened yesterday and I will tell you soon, for now just be happy for me ok?
2. Happy birthday to my flatmate Lousie!! You are now officially not a teenager anymore 🙂
3. This bus takes forever
4. I am ridiculously broke which not only force me to eat spaghetti until monday but aso makes it hard to celebrate no 1 and 2

Just a few minutes until I can have a huge cup of coffee

i’ve been a lame ass piece of ass

my camera broke (again) this time i think it is for real… i can’t take any pictures, ans that sucks, i’ve been busy running around and doing stuff and when i’ve been home i’ve been glued to the screen watching dr who.
look at me, coming up with excuses why i have not been updating very frequently…
anywho, i am off today and am gonna run to my bank, fix a bunch of things and i’m gonna skype with friends and family… Louise and I said we might actually clean today as well… we’lll see about that
having my last sip of the morning coffee and getting ready to start the day, xoxo

so many reasons to be happy

i booked my ticket to Sweden, gonna have 8 days hanging out with my family and best friend (well one day in Sthlm and that day I’ll spend with you Rickard, you have no choice). :p
pay day today
I’ve been up early and done “important stuff”
i am ready to leave the house at 9.30 in the morning and i am not tired (i guess i have to thank coffee for that), i have a cool week ahead of me, mixing some business with pleasure.

i am still addicted to david Bowie and can’t listen to anything else on my iPod… he is kinda the sound track of my life now.
what a fucking genius, i know thats no news, but once in awhile i re-falling head over heals for that man

come on coffee

do miracles to me

gotta be at work in an hour….
at least i can’t complain about the weather….

having the best cozy Sunday evvvaaa

loving the new place
i feel all harmonic and awesome and stuff

gonna hug the shit out of Louise when she gets home
eating after eight, drinking coffee and going through some mails, have some cool, creative ideas ahead of me, looking forward to work with a very talented (and hot as fuck) woman…
yes my friends, life is awesome, 2011 is awesome