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Chuck Norris can eat a Rubix Cube and poop it out fully solved

and i am a hell of a cook
went (budget) grocery shopping

you could say i have a new favorite color…


Good Housekeeping Tip:

Always keep several get well cards on the mantel…..
So if unexpected guests arrive, they will think you’ve been sick and unable to

Today I am gonna be so domestic
cleaning, shopping, cooking and doing laundry
planning to reward myself with sc2 and crisps tonight
Any takers?
some fun pictures from yesterday are coming up later… so you are welcome back in a while
now, house wife time

who is up for a dinner party???

i literally can’t wait
gonna chain myself to the kitchen like a good wife
been dreaming about good cooking facilities for a while now
i wanna move now
anyone wanna come for dinner???

“The future depends on what you do today.”

gonna run and buy a pack of smokes, pay day today – hurray!
plan is to save it all tho, live of my man so we will be able to move next month…
watching the news and drinking coffee, report from the Oscars; the King’s speech, is it that good?
Gonna cook lunch and fix my lunch box before work – AND go for a nice walk…
my theme this week, health
well, i’m gonna try to have vegetables included in my food intakes, avoid McDonald’s, no alcohol and not drink more than one bottle of Coke a day… do you think I can make it?

oh, about the bucket list, i am deciding what will be included and still collecting ideas… if you still have some ideas, hit me!!
I also have a more private list that i cant share in the blog, but i can tell you that i am well proud of myself

spaghetti bolognese

that is proper Christmas dinner!
and that’s what we’re gonna eat today, i am gonna cook for the first time in days , I’m gonna eat it (first time in days too) I am gonna make extra to put in a lunch box for tomorrow!
When you are all eating like pigs from the Christmas Smörgåsbord in Sweden tomorrow I am gonna put a square plastic container in the microwave for a few minutes.
open a can of coke.
sit down at the table.
and take a bite of todays left overs.
and i am gonna think to myself;
tomorrow i am gonna have After Eight and Champagne for breakfast”

knowing that only the After Eight part is true


my Gumbo was absolutely amazing and perfect, I should open my own restaurant.
Curry got me ice cream and i’m wrapped up in bed crying because facebook is down.. what about all them farms, the animals are going to die in farmville.
here’s a few tips how to deal with life when Twitter is down, might work for facebook as well….

the gumbo is simmering slowly in the pot

it smells beyond lovely, can’t wait for Curry to get home so we can eat, I’ll add the shrimps right in the end so they wont be mushy.
now i’m done being housewife for awhile and will change to career woman and write some…