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keep calm and get an iPhone

I’m gonna need to get myself an iPhone, i just ordered 2 phone cases and there is not really a point have a bunch of iPhone 4s-cases lying around without a phone is it?
Just one solution, get myself one of them silky, sekksssi, sleek, sassy phones huh? I’m a huge apple fan boy and I am stuck with a BB in my hand, that is just wrong.
I’m effing doing this now…
i mean, look at the case,
i. need. to. use. it.


i need to go shoe shopping – seriously – THE coolest show EVER

i need to get these
how do i get these?
can someone get these for me?

11-11-11 again… (yes at 11:11)

so told you before that I would get back to you with a post related to the 11th Doctor
Ok, I’ll start with an epic clip
Hello. I’m the Doctor. Basically…run.

and here, would I not be perfect as the Doctor’s assistant?
(if you read this, Steven Moffat, i guarantee you that I am a fabulous actress)

Yes, awesome photoshop job there…

happy Eleven to you all my little chickens and remember “Bow ties are cool.”

yes, hello, i am totally kissing a poster

i heart a mad man with a box



ladies and gents…. may i present to you

My cozy pants!!!!
Gonna watch the last Doctor Who episode now to get ready for Saturday