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i have been awful documenting my life

have not been using my camera as much as i normally do, even though it works.
I think it’s the fact that I am trying to get to know my blackberry 🙂
wanna share with you a few pics from my leaving Urban – party from Friday, had tons of fun and was tons of drunk, thank you all for coming and hugging me.

to the left; Miccan, the new part of the family and to the right, my lovely Lollobonk

(one of the reasons) i suffered a massive hangover

aweseome, Mini C came
more pictures are coming, do you wanna see them????


after kicking some people off the bus

Had some birthday drinks for Ylva yesterday, i was completely useless with the camera, too busy talking sc2 and insulting people….
so on the bus back home, (me and Jen were responsible ladies) we had photo marathon (and got people kicked off the bus)

Gift from Sweden

Thank you so much Linda and Joppe!!
i had no idea what it was when i went to the post office to pick it up, the clerk came back with this

an ice cream pack

I smiled all the way home and opened the packet in front of the computer and skype… so much sweets… lovely, Swedish candy is the best!

candy and a buzz Lightyear hat

pizza, telly and the laptop

lovely Friday night!!!

it’s getting cold now, hopped in my cozy trousers and had pizza in the bed, now we’re watching TV and just having a nice,comfortable Friday night…
tomorrow i am celebrating 11 weeks without a single drink!!! I am amazing!!

my rule of life….

can't argue with that