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keep calm and get an iPhone

I’m gonna need to get myself an iPhone, i just ordered 2 phone cases and there is not really a point have a bunch of iPhone 4s-cases lying around without a phone is it?
Just one solution, get myself one of them silky, sekksssi, sleek, sassy phones huh? I’m a huge apple fan boy and I am stuck with a BB in my hand, that is just wrong.
I’m effing doing this now…
i mean, look at the case,
i. need. to. use. it.


#23 Heddon Street.

adding things to my wish list on eBay, can’t wait to have money
in just a few days and I’ll have some Bowie on my walls

i really shouldn’t

but it’s getting colder and these leggings are adorable

perfect for the fall right? Bidding on eBay and i promise i wont pay too much for them, a very wise and awesome friend once told me that one shouldn’t spend too much on cozy pants… but i believe a few dollar are ok…
hope i get them
browsing the world wide web for a new home and getting ready for a skype session with Rickard.
how are you guys doing?

hello eBay i think i love you a little bit… leather zipper pants

perfect fit, comfy as fuck and only £3.60
love getting them small packets from eBay
and these pants are just absolutely amazing

it’s a damn addiction

soooo hard to stop
i just got myself a scarf, 2 rings and a pair of fake leather shorts

can’t wait for the mail man
great thing, i spent less than 10 pounds all together
gotta love eBay

alright kids, gonna put my laptop to sleep and hide myself under the blanket
i am thinking of bringing bacon rolls to work tomorrow…
i hope i work with vegetarians

sushi and nail art

Primark was beyond crazy today, so many people, Hanna got some cool things and i can proudly say that i did not buy a single thing.
I brought Hanna to my favorite sushi pick and mix place Wasabi

my belly was still upset and i did not feel tip top but what the hell, the salmon made me feel a little bit better…
billion of hours at work, was so tired and my stomach ache was killing me but it was fun to meet the people again, some of them are just completely nuts and great!
came home to find 2 small packets waiting for me, one of them contained this

nail art…
i’m gonna pimp my nails tomorrow – for sure
but first i have to make an important phone call…. we might move soon… hopefully

new rings

from Ebay… $0.99 and free shipping

i think that is pretty awesome
Hanna liked them too, so i had to give her one