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killing some time


on the bus to Stockholm


my ink sisters

its been a rough and hard time being here at the hospital
My wonderful bonus sisters and myself are now ink sisters
beautiful and wonderful women
so glad that i know them
follow them here and here

Watching Pocahontas with the super toddlers

And pretending we are indians

happy birthday my gorgeous little princess

grattis på födeledagen Alexandra
för tre år sedan gjorde du din faster så lycklig att hon sprang in i (och hade sönder) en dörr med huvudet före.
Hela min bar hade suttit som på nålar och väntat på att du skulle komma till världen under hela mitt skift, en fullsatt bar skålade för dig.
Utan en större överdrift kan jag säga att en stor del av San Francisco väntade på lilla “baby Alexandra Stenmark”…
Jag och din farmor ringde varandra varannan minut för att höra om du hade kommit än, min bror och farmors son skulle vilken sekund som helst bli pappa.
Sen va du här, den vackraste lilla tjejen i världen, min brorsdotter!
Min lilla baby Alexandra Stenmark.
Nu är du en stor tjej och jag älskar dig mer för var dag som går.
Du är en underbart, helt fantastisk liten Stenmark.

monkey family and some mushrooms

competitive as we are in this family me and my brother had to race the jungle gym thingie… i did it in 1.08 was so damn proud until he did 42 sec, he has fatherly superpowers

Was visiting the office in Sweden yesterday for a coffee and some chatting, really lovely people, then i went to filmhuset for a “fieldtrip”, wanted to see how they do Breaking News from “their point of view”… and the rest is history
had a lovely time there as well, Fredrik and Filip really are quit talented.
Came home at midnight and had som of Linda’s lovely chicken and mushroom (or mushroom and chicken rather) dish… they gote a few mushrooms from their neighbour;

going back to London tonight and i want some damn balloons

the best granny in the world

i dearly love you

easy like a Sunday morning pt one of many

doing fart noises with Kevin

playing with the radio-controlled car (for hours)

having a smoke on the balcony
we are watching Pixar’s cars and are getting ready for some lunch and a little…
While the kids are sleeping i’m going to go hang out with my best friend in the world