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cows and city people = good mix… (who let the cows out)

a video from when they let the cows out….


flip here i come

off to see Jenny and get my Flip, I Am So Stoked!!!!
expect some video posts from me soon

gonna get a Flip cam again!!!!!!

Jenny is gonna bring my mother’s (ex?) Flip cam to me,  so video blogging here i come!!! can’t wait, i’ve felt so naked without my pocket camcorder, (my old one died ) and,eh, you know, i’m quit obsessed with filming stuff…
I’m gonna give you guys a little London tour soon and other small videos, you’d like that huh?
thank you mother for realizing that the Flip would be happier with me

R.I.P. my lovely Flip

17 months we did spend together…
you were always in my pocket or my purse,
you came with me drinking and dancing
travelled with me everywhere
you where my companion and partner in crime
and now you’re dead
i can’t turn you on
you don’t even respond to my mac book pro
my dear, dear Flip camera
I am going to miss you so much
how am i going to replace you?

I do need a new “pocket camcorder”… anyone tried the flip HD Slide?
what are you using?

flip from San Fransisco

My flipcam has been with me for a while now
almost 17 months… that’s a long relationship

some stuff we did in San Francisco