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im a food blog lalalala

Highlight of the week!


been living in the kitchen today

except for a few walks around in the neighborhood to get ingredients (and a chef’s hat), i’ve been hanging out the whole day in the kitchen.
most of the time i’ve been accompanied by Becca and we’ve been watching X factor and random weird stuff while eating.

happy midsummer

last year i spent this weird holiday with my absolutely best friend, Rickard and his family.
Great food and i was so impressed by the salmon, Rickard’s dad made Gravlax from scratch and it tasted like heaven. (which reminds me, i need the recipe so I can make some here in my flat. You can make tons for the buck and it taste better than the one you buy.)

That was a great beginning of a couple of awesome weeks in Sweden, spending time with Rickard, eating and playing star craft and i was just a few minutes away to see my niece and my sister in law was due any second…
lovely summer in Sweden, can’t believe i’ve almost lived in London for a year… no plans to move really, love love love it here.
Even though it’s been pissing down rain the last couple of days… 😉
Can’t wait until Rickard comes here for a visit, we’re gonna have a blast!!
well, all i really wanted to say is; happy midsummer

lunch at the plaza

chilling in the sun

and now i am cooking fish while the sun-bum sisters are listening to Wuthering Heights
getting ready for pajamas party.. did anyone say beer?
Just kidding, i am preparing myself to win (with the rest of my team) the dodgeball tomorrow!!!
Go TEAM!!!

a little bit of meat

and oven baked potatoes


steak wrapped in bacon

salad with mozzarella

apple pie made by Jenny

and some snus with that
dancing to and watching så ska det låta with Alexandra was a blast, now it’s time for bed, we are gonna watch the cows tomorrow
oh the life of a farmer

brunch in bed

sometimes my life is a little extra glamorous