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I’m so glad you’re home

I’m so glad you’re here my little Frenchy the French


this house in a nutshell

i suppose we could talk to each other…
but thats just freakish

btw, update your blog, freak ❤

cleaning is fun

Me and Frenchy

another blog member in the gang

our dear Frenchy is now writing about living in London, being an awesome Frenchy, living with 3 Swedes etc etc…
go and have a look, at least to see that awful picture she managed to take of me and post… the things she wrote is beautiful though…
welcome to the blog world Frenchy
(she actually has a real name… but none of us in the flat are sure what it is… )🙂
just kidding Frenchy, i know what it is…

happy birthday Frenchy

it’s my awesome flat mate, our little Frenchy’s birthday today!!!
have a great day honey, and I’ll see u in a while for a glass to celebrate!!