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toddlers and toddler talk

Stenmarks on the slide

Met up with my beautiful Veronika yesterday and cuddled with her belly, Alexandra helped me wrap the gift for the baby… spent hours talking and laughing, funny how some people will always be such an important part of your life even though you spend your life in different art of the world.
I have pictures of the magnificent belly on my blackberry, i will post it when I get home to London.

Had a wrestling morning with the toddlers and now I’m gonna get ready to meet up with my protege…


slept like baby – drinking coffee like a viking and thinking hippie thoughts

Dancing around in my tiny flat and listening to Mr Bowie while drinking coffee.
Wanna live every second of my life, it is such a vulnerable and unpredictable gift we got.
I am very happy that on top of that I got a wonderful family and bonus members, priceless friends and so much love.

Please, please take care of your life, as far as we know we only have one.
Do the best of while it lasts.

To everyone in my life, the past, present and the future:

bubble lunch

Champagne for my real friends and real pain for my sham friends.
-Tom waits

Jo took me out for a lovely, bubbly lunch the other day.

It’s been a lot of champagne for me lately, and i am not complaining
primrose hill next weekend Jo?

I’m so glad you’re home

I’m so glad you’re here my little Frenchy the French

happy Birthday Ronan and Rosarie

two of my most awesome friends are celebrating their birthdays today
this is how we celebrated it 2 years ago in San francisco

I wish i could be with you and go to the phone both for some popcorn, jäger and laughs

relaxing in the grass

had a great day with Luka “hippie” Lukasik
so fun that we are meeting up in London… life is so amazing.
Had quit a few great years in California… i am so glad i met u, u crazy fuck.

i miss

these 3 awesome girls

When i get back to London i’m gonna make you Mojitos and Potatoes al dente
my place, before we go out and sit in an alley with cans…