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“keep your hands on the keyboard!!”

he says and hit me with a ruler on my fingers….
i have my own personal teacher in Starcraft2, my brother is trying to teach me how to play starcraft like a pro, i am warping in my units like a motherfucker and feel that my mapcontrol is a little bit more solid.
“don’t supply block yourself” he screams and i am building more pylons, wonder how long it will take before Kespa calls me and ask me if i wanna join one of their teams as a pro gamer?
I was in the top of my leauge the thing that is sinking me now is that, since i don’t have a gamin partner i have to play in random mode and i end up with people that play like c###s 🙂
I am telling my “partner” when he in the midgame only
 have 7 probes, to build more probes, his answer:
“no thanks”
well great, good luck with your economy then, no wonder you can’t defend your base….
anyone wanna be my gaming partner???? 🙂


i’m such a ….?

i’m leaving for London in less than 24 hours, sure i’m doing some laundry
otherwise, i’m just sitting about and doing fuck all
me and Rickard are watching stuff on youtube and the plans for tonight is Starcraft2 release party with JoppE and Rickard!!!
coffee, red bull what else?
if i had a t shirt with a Colossus I would wear it

getting ready to play StarCraft2

again…. i’m hooked
Rickard, my brother and me against the rest!!
see you on the battle net 🙂


damn you Rickard, my shoulder hurts…
i got introduced to BFME2
and, it’s pretty, fucking, funny...
i like the fact that my units has some form of ability to think when they are fighting, especially compare to stupid Dragoons that can’t even chew gum and walk at the same time, not to mention fighting… yes I’m talking to you Star Craft…
I’m still not well and i need your sympathies

operation Mac Book Pro

Stenmark Siblings in action

now i'm nervous

working on it....

it survived - i'm so happy

hello world

the new beautiful Mac Book Pro is up and running
a new internal drive is installed and i am proud and happy
thank you to the best brother and mother in the world for the gadgets
and thank you Rickard and JoppE for the amazing assistance
I rock
and my Lap Top runs smooth as a… well smooth
had to celebrate with a glass of Jägermeister

the search for a T6

one little screwdriver was missing
me and Rickard was on the mission find that effing tool
i estimated an hour, it took us the whole day
how hard can it be to find the screwdriver without spending a fortune and/or buy a whole toolkit?
well i tell you this, it’s impossible
had some sightseeing in Stockholm… such a beautiful city
if you haven’t been here yet – you have to come and visit!!!

chip and dale are searching for the perfect tool

the fountain we would have had a swim in if we would win worldcup