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three tiny pictures in one

a little glimpse of parts of my studio

I am sitting with my laptop and a glass of coke, considering going to France this weekend or maybe just somewhere in England, Stonehenge maybe?
I prepared the biggest tray (the biggest that can fit into my tiny fridge) of veggie Lasagna, having important and beautiful dinner date tomorrow.
My fridge is full of cheese and it will not mysteriously disappear… nor will my socks, love living in my little studio.


do the smart thing

Just passed by an add with that slogan, thought it might work as a title.
few things I wanna say
1. Something really interesting happened yesterday and I will tell you soon, for now just be happy for me ok?
2. Happy birthday to my flatmate Lousie!! You are now officially not a teenager anymore 🙂
3. This bus takes forever
4. I am ridiculously broke which not only force me to eat spaghetti until monday but aso makes it hard to celebrate no 1 and 2

Just a few minutes until I can have a huge cup of coffee

Fixa – Camilla

had a nice shower that turned into a cold torture, had to run and fix the fuse… it takes a woman to fix these kind of things, ended up in awesome conversation with my cool philosophy flat mate
A lot of great things are coming up – i can feel it.
I have butterflies in my belly and just wanna jump around even though i am so tired i can hardly keep my eyes open.
Life is damn amazing if you just open your eyes to see it.
This is my life and i going to make the best out of it.

i don’t know if any of this made sense at all… i guess u just wanna share to you that i am very, very happy.

what did you guys do yesterday?

I bet you didn’t spend the day out on a boat on the Thames with bbq, drinks and tiny bathrooms…

well i did
despite my massive hang over i woke up with on Saturday morning i managed to get dressed and meet my people half way decent… (thanks to Becca and Louise who were acting like the little mice in Cinderella)
The boat trip was fantastic, in the later part of the day the sun came out and we passed by Big Ben (or “that fucking watch”) right at 6 o clock, was quit cool to hear it ring.

and happy birthday Maria!!!

i am so happy

look at this, my first huvudfoting
I was skyping with my niece a few weeks ago and she painted ME, Linda sent it to me in the mail.

look at it, i have a massive ear
it’s so cute
this needs to be framed!

closing a door and opening another

my last shift at Urban today…. feels weird, wonderful and sad at the same time.
Met so many wonderful people there, many good friends and i had a couple of awesome months there.
Yet again it feels so great to move on to something i really want to do.
I am bringing the camera today and gonna take pictures of my lovely peers and hug them to infinity.
Tomorrow i start my new job and I am so excited.
I literally cant wait.

in one week

i start my new job
i can’t believe it, i am so excited!!!!!
are you with me counting down the days???
now i am off to my current job, a few more shifts, i’m gonna miss alot of them people working there, you guys are amazing.
so much laughter and great conversations, and i found a couple of really good friends.
i am so thankful for Urban, but now it’s time to move on, and i am fucking ready for it!!!!
listening to the Ark now and drinking coffee, life is great